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So, ich bin wieder Zuhause. Ein immernoch unglaubliches Gefühl wieder in einem richtigem Bett schlafen zu „dürfen“. Obwohl ich ja ehrlich sagen muss, dass ich die Tour auch länger fortgeführt hätte – wäre da die Wahl gewesen.

Ich war am 15.10 zurück, komme aber jetzt erst dazu zu schreiben, weil soviel passiert ist in der Zwischenzeit. Das hat zwar fast alles nichts mit der Tour zu tun, zieht aber doch mächtig am Zeitbudget.

Unser Reisevorhaben bestand unter anderem darin Menschen, Projekte und Einrichtungen miteinander zu verbinden. Ich hatte das große Glück beeindruckende Menschen treffen zu dürfen. Und natürlich habe ich versucht deren Kontakte einzusammeln. Die möchte ich weiter geben. Ich hoffe, dass ich so dazu beitragen kann, dass viele tolle Zusammenarbeiten zu Stande kommen.

Let`s get in contact- let`s keep in touch- let`s start something together- here are some of the contacts I made during the trip- don`t hestitate to get connected. Great people, great projects- great future plans.

1.Nina Marcekova /Bratislava Slowakei /// Fashion Recycling LAB

Marcekova Nina and schrüppe mcintoshTo make it a long story short: I am a hugh fan of Nina. She is a very open minded heart warming person and tries to bring the idea of recycling clothes to Bratislava. Second Hand Fashion doesn`t sounds like something new for us in Germany, but in Bratislava it is and people has to get used to this idea. She is really in the beginning with this and has to explain to the people, that it isn`t something wrong to re-use.  It take much energy to be the first one… Nina is working in a kind of Container City- a beautiful setting, where the place in front i used to serve coffee and have a meeting point. I think she is the perfect person to work with and I am thinking about a concept to bring her also to Leipzig /Berlin.


2. Müszi / Budapest / Ungarn

10703504_585459328246479_1960719054406968405_n Let`s call it the place to be. Or at least- the place to visit in Budapest. It a independent social Center with a lot of workshops, Ateliers, exhibitions…so it is a spot where you meet fantastic people easily. I met several cool people there:


3. Monika: She is a young painter (and already also a teacher in painting)- we surprised her in her studio and she had shown us her actual work. She is really good in portrait stuff and I really like her paintings about perspektives.

4. retextil.eu: „Alttextil- und Altschuhrecycling mit Retextil-Garantie für einen geschlossenen Wirtschaftskreislauf“

I talked to 5. Angéla Thiesz, who speaks perfectly german ( that`s made it easier for the both of us). She offers Workshops and I hope to become part of it one day. She worked on a special technic in which you can turn reuse old textiles into beautiful sculptural and also functional stuff. I really want to invite her next sommer to Leipzig- if you can support that kind of project or have any advice- don`t hestitate to contact me.

6. AQB – Art Quarter Budapest




Wolfgang Bartesch– he went from Germany to Hungary in the 80ies and come back in the 90ies to stay there. He is building up a kind of magical place since 10 years. It`s an old brewery in the South of the town, that he turns into a space called Art Quarter Budapest.  Artist rent studios there, there are littlte appartments for foreign people who stay to work there. It is the place were little labels can do their productions. There is a big backyard, and also a rooftop terasse. So beautiful!!! It was such a pleasure to be there!

7. Benzolbag // Budapest // Ee-used old fabrics and adding Leather

1966240_836615329722011_7438689364371997716_oWe found benzolbag by walking trough Budapest. It a little vintage styled store in a backyard. (1222 Budapest, Nagyténényi út 106), where we met a saleslady who is doing bags from old fabrics adding leather materials- every piece is individual and unique. A really nice little store. artkraft


8.Romania Market

Did you ever seen such great selfmade jewellery?!!?!?!  It is from Szallós Eszter e_charmee@yahoo.com

Did you ever seen such great selfmade jewellery?!!?!?! It is from Szallós Eszter e_charmee@yahoo.com

That`s a way more complicated to get in contact with this people- the romanian market ladies. They are not part of the internet community or able to talk english. But it is so worth to get in contact with them. It is unbelievable, what a great job they are doing. I want to go back to by everything- this bracelets are less than 50€ and perfect selfmade pieces. It`s a mix from macramee, pearls and stones. Handcrafted and art.

Szallós Eszter, Broderie manuala cu margele : E-Charmee@yahoo.com, Cluj Napoca tel: 0723-652620




Also one of my favorite things to writte about: Éva.  She is doing a great job with beautiful coloured felt. It is the one time, I had to buy something. She could be the perfect partner for children toy stores.





Eine Frau hat sich uns als Übersetzer in angeboten- Bilder von Dan Dorel

Eine Frau hat sich uns als Übersetzer in angeboten- Bilder von Dan Dorel

Dan Dorel // Painter

He is also selling selfmade jewellery, but I think what he really likes is painting. He is a funny nice guy, but also not that good in english, so we asked this nice lady to be our translator.





9.Bukarest //The National Museum of Contemporary Art

IMG_3020[1]Schrüppe McIntosh bukarestAlina Bucur has shown us around in this really special place. It seems to be perfect for this kind of museum. It is the biggest parlamental building in Europe and impressive. That are really nice ideas they are presenting.

10. Thessaloniki Apodec

tessanoliki (4) I love their point of view. These two girls/ designers are really inspiring. They`ve rented a bulding, turned it into a really nice place to work there and be. They are inviting people and projects to do events and exhobitions there. I really want to go there again. They put so much love and energy in this project, that you can feel it!

We went out for dinner with Tenia and Marianna  and even that is worth to get in contact with them!