caraWonga- die Wiederverwertung von Teppichresten

D.I.Y. & eco friendly product( 80% recycled materials)

History of caraWonga

caraWonga was established at the end of summer, 2016, but its history reaches back further into the past. It all started at the university studies of Katalin Gal, where she learned textile design. Kati was always very enthusiastic of sructured surfaces and the possibilities in recycling. She took part in a recycling project, when she developed the system within which the modules can connect to each other based on their forms, without any other fixing. This was the birth of the modules, which are the base of caraWonga carpets.

Time passed, Kati got married and now has two beautiful kids. The textile design plans got up to the attic, waiting for Kati to get them in her hands. Then she got a comission from Helsinki Design Week, so the plans got dusted off. With six carpets and a load of congratulations, she thought she cannot put the plans back down.

She needed nothing else but a partner to start. A friend, with whom she can think and work together. Barbara Rapcsanyi had just finished in a charity project at the time. Time previously spent together has proven that the girls understand each other perfectly, and the time is good. So they took each other’s hand and started on the adventurous road of caraWonga, just like in a good fairy tale.