Knit Colour- Der Strickmalkasten

I `ve been a visitor Student Textile Design at Art College Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Saale)/Germany and learned how to use a knitting machine. Unfortunately (for me as a Fashion Designer) Textile Designers a working on samples, but never „finish“ a project. We had to work on a biography of one of the women from Bauhaus-History and I`ve choosen Gertrud Grunow, who invented a own theory of learning. It `s not much left of her work, but she also did colour experiments and when you watch a childrens paintbox- Grunow has been a forerunner how to arrange the colors that are needed. It took me a time  to search  for a project that combines everything- textile design, my background and my interests-  and I  invented a knitted colour wheel by using 3 different types of yarn and patterns for knitting and mixed them like colours are mixed. I got so passionate, that I also wrote a book and did an exhibition at Burg2 Gallery.