Sequencer Tour U.S.A., Los Angeles

First stop : Sequencer Tour Los Angeles – re:publica Conference – November 5

Our Sequencer Tour event in Los Angeles is designed to link local and international influencers in music, culture, society, and politics into one transatlantic digital society. Join us when Europe’s first digitalisation roadshow goes to the USA! Curated by re:publica, the conference programme focuses on two main topics: Our “Politics & Society” track will focus on “Universal Digital Rights.” We’d like to discuss transatlantic topics and current societal developments relevant to both the US and Europe. Our “Leisure & Lifestyle” track focuses on topics such as digital sovereignty, digital sustainability, and social justice within a digital context. To find out more:

On November 5th, 2018, we’d like to discuss, learn, and bring together a host of interesting people. Join us at NAVEL!

10:00–10:45 am Welcome + Thoughts on the digital society with Andreas GebhardSay It Loud – TIff Massey and Habib Lesevic

10:45–11:30 am Transforming the Museum – Entertainment with a Purpose with Andreas Görgen, Byrke Lou and Thilo Kuther. Moderation by Kathleen Schröter.

11:45–12:15 noon Fight for your Digital Rights! with Markus Beckedahl

12:15–1:15 pm Trending Now – Creating a New Political Momentum with Benjamin Nanz SnowIngrid Brodnig: HASS IM NETZ Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska

13:30–2 pm Social Business goes Blockchain with Michael Fritz

2:00–2:30 pm ID, Please! How Identity Politics shape Digital Borders with Christoffer Horlitz

2:30–3 pm Solarpunk Leisure for Low Carbon Futures with Andrew Hudson

3:15–4:15 pm Under Our Skin – The Future of Human Being with Rich Lee, Ramak Molavi

4:30–5:30 pm Panel: Digital Society Across the Pond with Nordmeister

5:45–6:15 pm Commercial Content Moderation – God’s Weeding Out Squad with Sarah T. Roberts, Hans Block and Moritz Riesewiek (The Cleaners)

6:15–6:45 pm Connecting the dots … with Clemantine Wamariya

Break Out Sessions

11:45–12:45 noon No Strings Attached? The Relationship between Technology and Narrative in with Boryana Ivanova

1:30–2:30 pm Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives with David Levy

3:315–4 pm #namethecrafter – A bridge between traditional crafts and digitalism with Schrueppe McIntosh colourful gingerkid

4:15 pm „The Cleaners“ (2018), from Hans Block and Moritz Riesewiek

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